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Hooter Hider Nursing cover - Avignon

$ 49.95

Hooter Hiders Avignon Nursing Cover
We know little ones like to nurse on their own schedule, sometimes as much as every two hours like clockwork. That can add up to A LOT of timeouts mum takes to nurse. Sometimes these little self-imposed breaks are welcome. After all, nursing is a special time to bond with baby. But sometimes we’d like to stay engaged in our social setting, too. That’s why Hooter Hiders were born. Our award-winning covers simplify nursing in public so that everyone -- mom, baby, and present company -- can carry on. Comes with a stylish pocket to fit your supplies and a convenient pouch for storage. 100% cotton.

About the Pattern:

Paisleys and petals interlace like constellations in the night sky in Avignon, a classic Hooter Hiders style with an all-new palette of blacks, whites and grays.

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